Gold Toddler 3 From 12 Months Nutritious Milk Drink


21 99 ea
$2.44 per 100g

Iron & Iodine. Omega 3. Calcium & Vitamin D. Lutein. Added Whey. No Added Sucrose. No Artificial Colours. No Preservatives. Calcium and Magnesium for Maintenance of Teeth and Bone Structure. The Right Amount of Energy to Support Your Active Toddler With Iron and Added B Vitamins. Vitamins Including A, B6, B12, C & D to Help Maintain Immune Function.. Key Minerals Including Iron and Zinc Which Are Essential for Normal Immune Function. Iodine and Iron for Supporting Healthy Budding Minds. Zinc to Support Vision and Brain Function. S-26(R) Trusted by Generations of Mums. The Perfect Mix of Science and Love. Contains Milk, Soy.

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