Vicks VapoDrops Original Menthol Lozenges 24pk

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- Vicks VapoDrops lozenges temporarily relieves sore throat and blocked nose.- For the throat: The proven Vicks medications soothes and cools irritated throats.- For the nose: Vicks vapour action clears and cools nasal passages - fast.-  Soothes the throat and clears the nose- Available in 4 flavours: Original Menthol, Butter Menthol, Burst of Mint and Cooling Peppermint- Standard sizes: 10 drops | 24 drops | 27 drops | 30 dropsVicks VapoDrops will quickly relieve the "throat tickle" that precedes a coughing fit and could prevent you from using your voice with confidence! Vicks® VapoDrops™ clears nose and soothes the throat. Feel the effect in seconds!

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