Healtheries Jointex Glucosamine Complex 1500mg Tablets 60pk

14 99 ea
$0.25 per 1ea

Healtheries Jointex® Glucosamine Complex 1500 tablets provides your joints with Glucosamine Complex 1500mg to help your body naturally repair damaged cartilage.

It’s a powerful, one-a-day supplement that can nourish your joints to help keep the cartilage healthy. It may even help to speed up healing time from sports injuries

Healtheries Jointex® Glucosamine 1500 provides scientifically researched Glucosamine sulphate in a high potency 1 a day formula

No added gluten, wheat, dairy products, egg, artificial flavour, preservatives or sweeteners.

This product contains Glucosamine, which comes from shellfish

Product of New Zealand