Nescafe Classic Decaf Coffee 100g

6 49 ea
$6.49 per 100g

NESCAFÉ Decaf is made from 100% natural coffee beans - no additives or preservatives. High quality coffee beans are selected, slow roasted and ground, freshly brewed and then dried into granules, to deliver you a delicious, full flavoured cup with an irresistible aroma every time. All the qualities of New Zealand’s favourite coffee at home, without all the caffeine. Pure water is used to gently remove the caffeine, while the medium-dark roast gives it a bold, full-bodied flavour and rich aroma. There are no compromises on the taste you love! Place 1.5 teaspoons of NESCAFÉ Decaf Coffee in a cup or mug. Pour in hot but not boiling water, add milk if desired. Enjoy!

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