1839 Honey Multi Floral Honey MGO 48+ 400g

9 49 ea
$2.37 per 100g

+ Triple Churned - Smooth as silk!
+ Convenient – No more spoons!
+ No refined sugar – 100% Natural sugar replacement.
+ Winter wellness – Protection for the whole family.
+ Delicious – Rich multi Floral flavour
+ MGO 48+ - MGO certified results.

Introducing our brand-new stand-up pouch, exclusive to 1839 honey!
With its great shelf presence and convenient, no fuss stand-up design, this honey is a must have for the pantry.

This honey pouch is ideal for making smoothies, adding to cooking and marinades, sweetening tea and useful in many other drinks and dishes.

Kids also love to squeeze this honey onto their toast!

Product of New Zealand