1839 Honey Manuka Honey UMF10+ 250g

19 99 ea
$8.00 per 100g

+ Triple Churned - Smooth as silk!
+ Trust codes - Authentic Mānuka honey!
+ No refined sugar – 100% Natural sugar replacement.
+ Winter wellness – Protection for the whole family.
+ UMF 10+ - UMF certified results.
+ MGO 263+ - MGO certified results.

Mānuka honey is the only honey in the world to test with such large amounts of antibacterial properties.
Most scientific testing and research on UMF Mānuka honey is done at this level (10+). Research written reveals evidence of fantastic health benefits in all sorts of areas.
Treat this honey as a superfood staple.

Our UMF Manuka honey is authentic and certified by an accredited laboratory here in New Zealand.

Product of New Zealand